Following two successful months since the launch of our Ethereum Mainnet, and one month since our multi-chain V1 launch, InsurAce is extremely proud to announce the launch of our BSC-Ethereum INSUR token bridge and insurance services on BSC mainnet as the start of our multi-chain V2 expansion.

New BSC tokens

InsurAce is the first insurance protocol to be able to offer BSC and ETH options to users, providing more flexibility and lower fees for insurance customers.

Users are now able to EARN BEP-20 INSUR tokens for mining, INSURE their assets with BSC tokens through the InsurAce app, SWAP their ERC-20 INSUR tokens for…

Hello, and welcome to our AMA session, one of our first over voice on discord, and the first one with our new Director of Marketing and Business Development. We’ve got some great questions, but please feel free to send us any more as we go along. Oliver Xie, founder of InsurAce

Let’s get started…

AMA transcript 29th April 2021

INSUR Needs more partnerships with other project and cross- chain with BSC

We are constantly working on partnerships, and have a BSC protocol coming out soon so that we can offer our services to BSC tokens and protocols. …

Dear InsurAce Community & Investors,

As you probably have seen our announcement on Wednesday 21 April, we are going to launch our Ethereum Mainnet on Monday 26 April 2021. The staking for the insurance pool will start at 14:00 UTC (22:00 SGT) and insurance services will be enabled once the TVL hits 5M USD.

For more details, kindly refer to this medium post.

We are seeking your help at Launch

We have come a long way to get here, which we could not have achieved without your past support. To ensure a smooth mainnet launch, I would like to seek your help again in possible ways below.

1. Participate in the staking to bootstrap the capital pool

InsurAce is scheduled to launch to Ethreum mainnet on 26 April 2021, and start the staking service from 14:00 UTC onwards. This is a user guide on how to farm on the InsurAce protocol at its launch.

Risk Reminder: Unlike staking on other types of DeFi protocols, insurance protocol staking has more risks which may cause loss to your staked assets. Please read the document below before making your stakings.

· Risk of Staking

Once you have understanded the risks, but still decide to participate in the staking, find below the steps on how to Stake, Unstake and Harvest.

Scenario 1: Stake

Step 1: Launch InsurAce App and connect your wallet


Watch this great video with James Simpson from mStable as the first in our series of interviews with our partners.

James joins Oliver Xie and Dan Thomson from from the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris to talk about our recent partnership, how insurance services fit into mStable and the future of DeFi.

Check it out here:

Here is a Transcription of the video:

Speaker: Dan Thomson

Okay, so we are joined here with Oliver from the founder and project lead. And James Simpson from M-stable. I’m Dan, the director of marketing and business development for And…

Hi everyone, welcome to another Q&A with one of our latest partners, Mirror Finance. We’re delighted to be joined by Stanford (@sihyeok), PM at Mirror, as well as Oliver Xie (@oliver4insur) the founder of I’m Dan Thomson, the Director of Marketing for and I will be hosting this discussion today.

We’re going to jump straight in, but if you would like to read about our recent partnership, you can find all the information here:

Welcome @sihyeok , thanks for joining us.


Hi — it’s good to be here!

welcome to InsurAce group @sihyeok 👏👏👏


As the DeFi niche of blockchain continues to expand rapidly, security is becoming a key issue. Several high-profile projects have been hacked in the last year alone, and investors are looking for ways to mitigate this risk altogether. Insurance protocols like look to fix this by guaranteeing funds against smart contract hacks and bugs. In a $60 billion dollar industry, less than 2% of those assets are currently insured. That makes insurance protocols a very tasty investment with huge market potential.

DeFi insurance provides coverage from loss due to smart contracts vulnerability in exchange for a premium of between…

Dear InsurAce community,
We are pleased to explain below what we have achieved during the past 2 weeks:

Product and Technology

  • New cover listing: Lido and Mirror (Ethereum & BSC)
  • Built helping bot in Telegram group to enhance community engagement
  • Completed Peckshield smart contract audit Report
  • Completed internal development of Insurance-as-a-service (Referral Program, phase one)
  • Completed development of notification bots for bridge and staking
  • New Data reporting system under development
  • New hosting for blog
  • Ongoing SEO optimization

Marketing and Business Development

  • Partnership with Mirror Protocol Read more
  • AMA with Elrond Network (RU)
  • AMA with Tomket (Indonesia)
  • AMA with Cryptonesia…

Check out this great instructional video by CryptoSetups on how you can take out insurance for your investments in Anchor Protocol by using

Here is another explanation from Data Driven Investor

Read the full piece here

For years, one of the greatest hurdles the crypto community has tried to overcome is mass adoption. A critical point for mass adoption is security.

Once users feel secure and their assets are safe, a platform becomes much easier to trust and spread the word about. Thus, the crypto world has a massive need for insurance.

What is crypto insurance?

Just as fiat assets are protected by the FDIC, digital assets also need some…

In the latest in a lineup of great partnerships, is proud to announce a new partnership with Mushrooms Finance, offering insurance services to the users of Mushrooms to protect their DeFi assets.

Mushrooms Finance is a crypto earning vault focussed on seeking sustainable profit in the DeFi universe.

The first version of the Mushrooms Finance smart contracts were inspired by other popular DeFi projects like Yearn Finance (YFI) and Sushiswap among many others. Mushrooms Finance Vaults help you earn passive profit on crypto assets like WETH/WBTC/DAI/USDC, etc.

Users of can now purchase insurance via for a low…

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