Launching on the 1st September 2021.

The Ambassador program is our elite team of DeFi experts who help to promote to the wider crypto and DeFi ecosystem, help submit quality articles and content for our marketing, as well as get involved in regular offers and events. They are rewarded well for their participation in the project, and are treated as team members.

There are three levels of Ambassador:

Gold Tier — Our highest valued Ambassadors, true DeFi experts, well connected in the industry and extremely knowledgeable about contemporary developments and global events.

Silver Tier — Ambassadors with a strong DeFi and crypto knowledge and experience. They have a diversified investment portfolio, and have been supporting crypto for a while now with a keen interest.

Green Tier — Our entry tier for Ambassadors is nothing to be shy about. It is a great honour to be selected to be an Ambassador. The qualifications for our Green Tier Ambassadors are not as strict as the other tiers, but we are looking for young, hungry, DeFi enthusiasts, Punks if you will, who want to support the project, learn, and grow as the project grows, supporting our cause across the DeFi ecosystem.

Overall Categories of Involvement include:

1. Support and Funding — will support your efforts in hosting local meetups, workshops, or other initiatives that you may propose. You will be well rewarded for activity that promotes, the more you perform, the more you will be rewarded.

2. Professional Development — You will gain professional and leadership experience by taking the initiative to grow a community in your region and help with other work based on your level of initiative and drive. In terms of how far you can take this role, the sky’s the limit. We value and reward hard workers. We see our Global Ambassadors as special individuals who can grow into paid part-time or full-time roles at

3. Inside Exposure — As a Global Ambassador for, you will participate in regular phone calls with key leaders, gaining insight into strategy, new products, and decision-making.

4. Focus Group Participation — As a Global Ambassador, you will be leveraged by product team for demos and feedback sessions on new products being developed internally such a tools, or other new releases.

How to become an Ambassador

  1. Submit application at
  2. One of our team will reach out to you for an initial call to hear about your experience. This call may be video, phone or text.
  3. A Second call will establish which category of Ambassador you will be based on your DeFi experience.

How to earn Rewards

  • Every task undertaken will have to be approved prior to execution.
  • The ambassadors are free to start their own support groups/Local communities.
  • The Ambassadors will receive full support for organising events and activities for the community.
  • Possibility of attending conferences on behalf of with compensation towards this.
  • Create or manage the creation of content or ideas for the benefit of
  • We are open to your ideas. As Ambassadors you are treated as team members and your input will be valued and rewarded as such. (, insure your DeFi journey. is a decentralized insurance protocol, providing reliable safe insurance.